About Us

Creative Play Australia is an Australian owned and operated business, founded by Rachel Serhan.

From a very young age Rachel has enjoyed creating things. Creative Play Australia became just an extension of that. Having quickly realised that she could explore her creative side while raising her children; the equipment she built helped nourish the souls of her children by letting their imaginations go wild. 

Rachel believes that children should be encouraged to play outside, to explore and get dirty - it’s essential for their healthy development.

Creative Play Australia has expanded from a backyard business to a workshop in Port Kennedy with an amazing team who work alongside Rachel to bring all her creative ideas to fruition.

With products in over 378 schools across Australia, the plan for the future is to continue to provide the highest quality products, customised services and site visits to educational settings.

Happy browsing and feel free to contact a friendly member of the Creative Play team should you have any questions or for a customised quote.